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Home Sanitization Services in Pune


Safety and sanitization are beginning to take precedence. The importance of living and working in a clean and safe environment has never been greater. Our regular sweeping and vacuuming can only assist to a certain extent. It is incapable of providing the adequate sanitization required in the event of a pandemic. We are pleased to provide Cleaning Tribe India Pro home sanitization services in Pune- the ideal sanitization option. It eliminates hazardous germs via the use of high-quality equipment and materials while adhering to tight safety regulations.

Apart from personal cleanliness, it is essential to sanitise or disinfect your surroundings, whether they be residential structures, workplaces, or any other kind of job. We are giving a sanitization and disinfection service in Pune to meet this demand. Sanitization is the process of washing surfaces to eliminate viruses and germs, including the COVID-19 virus. In Pune, we guarantee the highest quality labour. We are the sole solution to the inquiry “sanitization and disinfection service near me” since we provide timely service without compromising on quality.

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Cleaning Tribe India's home sanitization services in Pune eliminate 99% of pathogenic bacteria.


Cleaning Tribe India's sanitization and disinfection service disinfect homes using robotic instruments.


Cleaning Tribe India's home sanitization services in Pune adheres to strict safety guidelines - Asian Paints

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Disinfection and sanitization process

We use a fogging machine to spray disinfectant across the room. Our experts also rub down touchpoints areas such as door handles, tabletops, desks, keyboards, toilet areas, kitchen, etc
We provide Disinfection, Fumigation, and Sanitization services near you in Pune.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Air-misting/ Fumigation, Spraying and mopping of entire floor area, and touchpoints.

It takes 60 minutes to 120 minutes approximately for the area which is less than 2000 sq ft.

it is advisable to not let anyone enter the area for 1 hour.

Price may vary based on your location and area to be disinfected.